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Our principles

What you can expect from us

Since 1968 rfw. has been offering high-quality PR services and strategic consulting.

Mandates, tasks and communication channels have changed within these more than five decades – but the principles that guide our work have remained the same:


We always demand the best – from ourselves for our clients. Because we know: Our work helps determine their success. That’s why we are thorough in our research, creative in our ideas and efficient in our realization. Until the result is convincing.


We think along and also like to think outside the box. We are looking for something special, the story “behind” it and new ways to reach the goal. For us, creativity has little to do with frills, but a lot to do with concentration – on the essentials.


What we do, we do right. A bunch of words don´t necessarily make a good text, individual measures don´t always imply a sound strategy. Therefore, at rfw. we work with experts in PR communication who have learned their trade: trained journalists and consultants with years of experience in agencies, media and companies. With a faire dose of ambition to keep learning. And also, the recognition that we don’t have to be able to do everything – in this case, we rely on experts from our network.


We take it exactly. This applies to briefings, texts, concepts and designs. This is especially true for deadlines – and also for the budget.


A good result is important to us, as is the efficient way to get there. To achieve this, we listen carefully, think along and ahead – in individual projects as well as in the overall concept. We use time, budget and the knowledge of our agency purposefully.

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We want our customers to feel optimally looked after by us: personal service, reliable cooperation and with a result that exceeds their expectations as far as possible and takes them forward.


We enjoy working together – as a team, with our clients, with media and partners in our network. And we also gladly cooperate with other agencies if our clients so desire. We are open and honest in our dealings with each other and with others. Partnership inspires, brings new perspectives, saves time and money.

Many long-standing client mandates and trusting client relationships confirm that we really do live these principles. And we are proud of that.

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